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VERLANDER Landscape Architecture is a professional landscape architecture company offering creative and functional design solutions for a wide range of project types for new project developments as well as existing project renovations/restorations.

At VERLANDER Landscape Architecture our professional creative design solutions, as well as our personal service for each and every Client is our trademark in the industry. Our services include conceptual site planning and fully coordinated hardscape and landscape design, so that all the elements of your project merge into one complete thought. When a landscape is designed by VERLANDER Landscape Architecture, the plan becomes a direct reflection of the Client’s style and desires. Regardless of the magnitude or scope of the project, the same attentive service will be provided so you can feel confident that designs crafted by VERLANDER Landscape Architecture will incorporate all of your ideas in a creative and unique way.

VERLANDER Landscape Architecture endeavors to foster the creation of sustainable landscapes in all of our project work. We strive to work with and manage the on-site environment and design using Florida Friendly design goals and Florida Water Star water management principles. We use appropriate construction and native plant materials in service to systems that recycle and nurture the whole environment. Through careful planning, design, and construction we have been able to be environmentally responsible and expressive which has brought us and our Clients a great deal of satisfaction. 

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