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VERLANDER LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, LLC, a name synonymous with an unparalleled responsiveness to our Clients' needs and design programs. Our stewardship to the land, responsibility to vegetative and wildlife communities, and a creative and innovative design solutions based on constructability, provides short term savings in site development as well as a long term sustainability of the maintenance and management of the project environment. 

VERLANDER LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, LLC, brings experience from concepts through construction completion and beyond. Our proactive design responsibility approach and open communicative availability of the firm, brings all aspects of project design together in a coordinated orchestration of design documentation with all project consultants. The process of design is as important and exciting as the design result of the Client’s visions. 

VERLANDER LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, LLC, has a depth of knowledge in the related horticultural and allied fields, specific and necessary for a full understanding of design methodology as well as a successful implementation of the creative design solutions. The use of graphic presentation tools such as SketchUp, provides an understanding of the design in a dimensional aspect that affords the Client a virtual understanding of the design concepts. 

VERLANDER LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, LLC, is not only a vital component to the successful development of a wide variety of projects, but is a valuable resource in the post construction phase of design, specifically the sequencing from construction completion to the acceptance for maintenance, to the long term establishment of the project as envisioned by the Client and Landscape Architect.

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